Embarrassing mishap:

Thousands of Tesla car owners were locked out of the vehicleAccording to reports in the US, it was a simple software update that caused a malfunction in which thousands of car owners of the company were locked out of their vehicles. A simple software update has caused thousands of Tesla car owners to be locked […]

Acceptance Testing Business Process and Business Rules Modelling

Modelling Business Processes and Rules Organisations need confidence that critical business processes, such as order-to-cash procedures, human resource on-boarding, or production planning, can be performed without disruption. This is known as “business process assurance” and it is an essential objective of acceptance testing. In this context, two standards exist that provide a common language for […]

Acceptance Criteria, Acceptance Tests and Experience-Based Practices

Writing Acceptance Criteria Specifying acceptance criteria is an important acceptance testing task. It helps to refine requirements or user stories and provides the basis for acceptance tests. Business analysts and testers should collaborate closely on the specification of these criteria. This collaboration ensures high business value from the acceptance testing phase and increases the chance […]