If your web agency handles digital marketing for your clients, you’ll need a specific marketing tech stack. But since that could be a whole white paper in itself, we’ve chosen to focus on two categories that no agency can go without. Website tracking and reporting

Every successful agency has some sort of key performance indicators (KPIs) that they use to track the success of their activities for end clients. To do so, you’ll need anything from more complex metrics, like customer acquisition costs or customer lifetime value, to simpler ones like ’’which link did the user click to get to the shop?’’

If you want your marketers to have complete control of what information you gather about your users, Google Tag Manager is the way to go. With Tag Manager, you get a tag management platform where you can set up tracking for pretty much anything your users do on your website and pass that data to any analytics and advertising tools you use. Google Tag Manager also comes with multiple pre-built tags that make your life easier by letting you customize and implement tags without any coding knowledge, especially within the Google Marketing Platform suite of apps.

Free option: Yes
Pricing starts at: Whatever you can negotiate with Google’s sales team, but the free option will take you a long way.
Notable features:

  • Covers everything you could ever want to track
  • Built-in tags and templates speed up the process
  • Multi-platform support