Pillar 3 | Multimodal UX

Preparing for the next web experience
As Web 4.0 “the symbiotic web” continues to develop, early signs show it will be about a linked web experience that communicates with us, like we communicate with each other. While Web 5.0 “the emotional web” will create an entirely new human to machine experience. Aspects of these trends can be used today by pairing a digital human with an interactive user interface.

Use UI to your advantage
Unlike the human face, your digital human is a multimodal digital interface. Consider the use of speech, on-screen displays, image and video content, interactive elements, and escalation features all as tools to create a balanced and versatile experience. A great example of this is the ability to walk a user through a home loan application, all while answering the user’s questions throughout the process.

Stage and test the journey
Whether it’s escalating to a human, sending the user an email, creating an account for them or helping them fill out a form, plan the many ways your digital human conversations can end. You can then work backwards to find the many ways your users will get there. Iterate on your journey with A/B testing to help smooth over tricky interactions and provide an optimized experience for the end user.

Environmental restraints
Consider the environment in which your users will interact. There may be design and deployment considerations for certain situations including, environments that are too loud, lack the necessary privacy or have poor internet connection, for example.

… of consumers say the best thing brands can do to improve CX is integrate physical and digital channels.