What are the testing objectives?

What should we test in a project may very and testing objective could include:

  • Testing or evaluating work products such as requirements, user stories, design and code.
  • Validated whether the test object is done or complete and work as expected by users and stakeholders.
  • Building confidence that in the quality of the test objective.
  • Preventing errors and defects.
  • Finding defects which lead to failure’s.
  • Providing to stakeholders information to let them make informed decisions, regarding the quality of the object under test.
  • Reducing the risk of the software quality.
  • Complying to legal, or regulatory standards, and verifying that the object under test comply with those standards or requirements.

The objectives under test may very from system to system, depending the context of the component under test, the level of test, and the model of the software development lifecycle being used.

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