Pillar 1 | Personality code

Embody your brand
Your customers love and trust you because your brand, your story and your tone of voice is aligned to their personal values. Make sure all those things come through in your digital human experience design.

Know your audience
Understanding your audience and targeted personas will help to confirm specific details in the conversational tone. For example, a healthcare digital human should focus less on using humor and witty replies, and instead focus on establishing credibility, nurturing and building trust.

Train for emotional connection
… of customers say they want more human interaction as automated technologies continue to proliferate.
Personality is more about expressions and non-verbal cues than it is about the words. Your digital humans’ differentiation is about bringing a personality to an experience and doing it better than any other alternative. Use this to your advantage.

Create moments
If a smile was currency, how would you make the experience as lucrative as possible? Put a smile on users’ faces by delighting them and surprising them. Make solving their problems fun.