TOGGL Time Management

Time is literally money when you’re working on client projects. Therefore being sure that you are spending your time on the right things is the single most important metric in any agency. Proper time management can help speed up your development time, make planning much easier, and even help you charge more per project. So what are the industry standard tools when it comes to time tracking?

Toggl is a simple time tracking tool with all the productivity and reporting features you could ever want. You can follow all your tasks separately or
get an overview of the entire project at once. You have the option to gather actionable insights from your data/team dashboards and create other useful data visualizations. If you are not a fan of real-time time tracking, you can also input your entries manually or integrate Toggl with your calendar. There’s also an option to put in your billable rates and figure out just how much your time is worth.

Free option: Yes
Pricing starts at: $10/month/per user

Notable features: 

  • Time data visualization
  • Real-time or manual time tracking
  • Time-cost calculation