Embarrassing mishap:

Thousands of Tesla car owners were locked out of the vehicle
According to reports in the US, it was a simple software update that caused a malfunction in which thousands of car owners of the company were locked out of their vehicles.

A simple software update has caused thousands of Tesla car owners to be locked out of their cars, U.S. media reported

Tesla, unlike other automakers that are just now entering the field, takes the approach that the car is a technological-upgradeable product, meaning that through software updates it is possible to increase engine power, release speed and charge limits and also install new applications.

This approach, despite the considerable benefits inherent in it, can sometimes also become problematic. In a case that happened in the US yesterday, a technical malfunction in the cellular application that the company uses completely disconnected thousands of car owners from the car itself and from Tesla. That is, not only could the phones not communicate with the car – they could not communicate with the company. , Which is able to “talk” to the smartphone, the immediate result was locking the vehicle owner out of the car for long periods of time.

Upon learning of the problem, thousands of Tesla owners in the United States tried to get into their car and rushed to report on social media that the car refused to allow them to enter the car via cell phone and even locked them out of the car in some cases.

Tesla itself has gone through a difficult week, after its shares have fallen since Alon Muskab’s statement during the annual shareholders’ meeting. Although Musk noted that Tesla will produce its first popular car in three years at a price of $ 25,000, he also stressed that Tesla’s revolutionary cybertrack will be produced in over 300,000 units, By Musk.