SLACK Internal Communication

Ever since mankind realized that average walking speed could carry a message to the other floor of the office building faster than the fax machine, we have been looking for a more convenient way to connect with our coworkers while successfully avoiding human contact. Email became the go-to solution for office communication for a long time, but in an agile and fast-paced work environment, chat and instant messaging has taken over.

Slack helps you segment your company communication into multiple chat- channels that can be used for communication/file sharing inside teams,
or across projects. There are, of course, person to person conversation options or smaller group chats as well. These feel just like any non-corporate messaging app that you are already used to. This makes conversations quicker than email and makes them feel a little more personal, which may… or may not be, exactly what you are looking for.

Free option: Yes
Pricing starts at: €6.25/month/per 5 users
Notable features: 

  • Person-to-person, group or project channels
  • Quick and easy messaging, calling and file sharing
  • Generous free plan