So if step one is to track data, what do you do once you have it? Well, unless your client specifically asks for an Excel document, it would be nice if you could somehow visualize the data. This is where data reporting dashboards enter the process.

Google Data Studio is a very customizable, straightforward to use, free data reporting dashboard. And for most agencies, Google Data Studio provides everything you need. You can use it to pull your data from most of your existing analytics software and dashboards. And you can then take all of this data and visualize it together in a way that gives you the best overview of your business-critical metrics. Everything from the Google dashboards is easily shareable, so the distribution of the reports should not be a problem, and collaboration in real-time feels seamless.

Free option: Yes
Pricing starts at: No paid options, but you might need paid data connectors to pull in data from all the platforms you use.

Notable features:

  • Free On-Premise Download
  • Quickly and easily gather and visualize data
  • Real-time collaboration, sharing and easily embeddable