LASTPASS Password Management

The onboarding process in an agency mostly centers around getting you up and running with the currently used tech stack. This includes sharing passwords for every piece of software, which can be a very tedious task without a password manager. Every website/software provider has its own guidelines for what they think a strong password is nowadays. And for the user, that results in creating variations of one master password for every piece of software in your tech stack. This can get extremely frustrating without keeping a spreadsheet, and solutions like that become a huge security threat over time. Luckily there are alternatives to encrypted USB sticks locked inside safes behind office paintings.

Reliable, secure, convenient, and exactly what you would want from a password manager. Lastpass makes keeping track of current passwords, creating and sharing new passwords, or on/off-boarding new team members a breeze. And thanks to a combination of securely generated passwords, an overall security score, and 2 factor authentication, you will never have to get another โ€™โ€™Forgot your password, eh?โ€™โ€™ email ever again. In addition to taking care of your passwords, LastPass can also remember your credit card information for faster checkouts or even fill out contact forms for you automatically.

Free option: Yes
Pricing starts at: $4.00/month/per user (for 5-50 users) 

Notable features: 

  • Useful browser extension
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Autofill for forms and credit cards