Now that we have those newly-raised table stakes covered, let’s talk about how to stand out and deliver faster than your cloud- based DevOps competition. To jump ahead of the tech herd, you need to provide your DevOps team tools that increase your software delivery speed, quality, and security.
To do that in this age of exploding data volumes and complex processes as possible, while gaining (or maintaining) full control of binary and dependency sets.
Automation is great, but not if it forces your developers to go speed also needs to integrate instantly with tech your teams
In other words, the minute you deploy, you boost productivity immediately through integration with your ecosystem and DevOps tools. When you can do that, you also save time and money through easy management of the DevOps pipeline.
Can you see how this is all coming together?


To achieve all of the above, a universal binary repository manager like JFrog Artifactory gives developers a powerful possible. It provides a searchable and clickable repository for binaries, saving them hours, even days, reinventing the wheel.
But it’s not that simple. It needs to be more than that.
in the cloud, superior pipeline tools—like Artifactory—needs to natively integrate with security scanning and compliance solutions. Enter JFrog Xray.
Through a tool like Xray, you empower developers to identify and mitigate known security vulnerabilities and open source license violations. You give them the tools to provide impact and new components have on your overall system.
It also lets them drill down to identify all dependencies of each build package and Docker layer using deep recursive scanning, allowing them to continuously govern and audit artifacts consumed and produced in your CI/CD pipeline.
And Xray does it all while protecting against open source security vulnerabilities using the most comprehensive vulnerabilities database in the industry.