DROPBOX File Sharing

File sharing tools are another important part of every agency tech stack. File sharing tools help you organize and distribute media files with your colleagues and clients. They are critical to streamlining workflows and building up processes, and in most cases, reinforcing security at the same time.

Dropbox is an industry staple, and for a good reason. It’s reliable, secure, fast, and for the value that combination provides, relatively cheap. It makes it easy to sort all your files based on projects/clients in a very familiar and intuitive user interface. You can also automatically have your files sync with the cloud and never worry about accidentally losing some work. Accompanying its best-of-breed features, there are integrations with most tools you could want and the possibility to scale along with your team and your needs. And since it has wide adaptation on a personal level, you’re sure that clients and employees are already familiar with the interface.

Free option: Yes
Pricing starts at: €10.00/month/per user – starting at 3 users Notable features:

  • Reliable, secure, fast
  • Auto-sync features
  • Standard plan has 5 TB of storage