Pillar 4 | Personalization

Make it relevant and personal
Bring end-user data into the conversation by connecting your mailing list, CRM or customer database to our digital human platform. With the volume of user data available at your fingertips, there are plenty of opportunities to create value through the use of analytics and user preferences. A virtual barista could easily learn and recommend your favorite drink, or a virtual product genius would already know which brands you prefer.

Value-add integrations
UneeQ digital humans integrate into a number of third-party services, such as translation tools, real-time data-driven APIs and knowledge bases that enhance your capabilities at scale. Consider which your users would find most valuable depending on your use case.

Manage latency through optimization
The quality of your technical implementation is imperative to ensure the experience is natural and seamless. In the same way talking to a real human would be jarring if there were large delays, latency in your digital human responses will create a difficult-to-navigate experience. Efficient NLP design and technical architecture will ensure a seamless and humanlike interaction.

Analyze and craft performance
Add your favorite analytics platform or other behavior-tracking tools to capture user sessions, clicks and utterances. Watch for opportunities to improve the digital human’s response in your NLP service and quash any unmatched user questions.

personalization has improved their customer relationships.