Coin master home assignment

Coin Master is the best game in the market today, and we still love to play other games as well.

Choose ‘Coin Master’ and prepare an explicit test design for anything you choose in it (tutorial, feature, event, sale – anything!)

Treat the design for a new feature that will be launched for the first time

A few guidelines for writing the tests:

  • Add 1-2 sentences (not more) on the feature, what’s its goal, when do we see it etc. – basic info about it=
  • The tests should be written as a title with expected results, no need for step-by-step tests
  • The goal is to test the way you analyze, think and address a feature – so anything you think should be covered should be stated in the test design
  • Videos, Screenshot are welcome
  • Please add a link to the game you choose (App Store/ Web/ Google store etc.)

Take into notice the time limits when planning the test design!  

Here are a few examples: 

Coin Master is the game picked to be under test  

Download from Google Play, get it

Download from the App Store, get it!

How we plan to test the ‘Coin Master’ game

In order to treat the design, for a new feature, given as if it will be launched for the first time, I will be using a method called acceptance testing for an agile environment teams. 

This method can describe, in natural language programming or if you like, better yet, in a technique called Behaviour Driven Development, as I will explain first and write the Testing Design after. So, if you would like to skip what is: sprint zero, BDD, agile, then scroll straight to the test design paragraph or click here.

Sprint Zero 

Sprint zero is the first iteration of the project where many preparation activities take place. The tester collaborates with the team on the following activities during this iteration:

  • Identify the scope of the project (i.e., the product backlog)
  • Create an initial system architecture and high-level prototypes
  • Plan, acquire, and install needed tools
  • Create an initial test strategy for all test levels, addressing (among other topics) test scope, technical risks, test types, and coverage goals

Testing quadrants

Testing quadrants, align the test levels with the appropriate test types in the Agile methodology. The testing quadrants model, and its variants, helps to ensure that all important test types and test levels are included in the development lifecycle. This model also provides a way to differentiate and describe the types of tests to all stakeholders, including developers, testers, and business representatives. 

For this assignment I will use the following quadrant:

Quadrant Q3 is system or user acceptance level, business facing, and contains tests that critique the product, using realistic scenarios and data. This quadrant contains exploratory testing, scenarios, process flows, usability testing, user acceptance testing, alpha testing, and beta testing. These tests are often manual and are user-oriented.

Behaviour-Driven Development

Behaviour-driven development allows a developer to focus on testing the code based on the expected behaviour of the software. Because the tests are based on the exhibited behaviour from the software, the tests are generally easier for other team members and stakeholders to understand.

Specific behaviour-driven development frameworks can be used to define acceptance criteria based on the given/when/then format:

Given some initial context,

When an event occurs,

Then ensure some outcomes. 

From these requirements, the behaviour-driven development framework generates code that can be used by developers to create test cases. Behaviour-driven development helps the developer collaborate with other stakeholders, including testers, to define accurate unit tests focused on business needs. 

About the ‘Coin Master’ game 

Visit Coin Master’ for more about this wonder of a game.

Coin Master is one of the best games that you can play today. It’s the perfect game to kill your boredom and keep you busy at home.

Millions of players fell in love with the Coin Master game. Even if it was initially released in the year 2015, it has picked up in the last five years. With over 81 million downloads worldwide, it’s the top-grossing mobile game in the UK and Germany. Ultimately, it’s a popular game that we could all enjoy.

You will fall victim to Coin Master once you install it on your phone.

A Simple Yet Fun Slot Machine Game for Everybody

One of the many reasons why Coin Master became a crowd favourite is because of its simple and straightforward gameplay. All you need to do is spin the virtual slot machine and make sure that you earn prizes. Even though all you need is luck so you can get

three money bags to earn millions of loot, it is still the kind of game that will keep you challenged.

When spinning the virtual slot machine, it is ideal to arrive at winning combinations to earn respective prizes. The first winning combination is three money bags, which will earn you a huge amount of coins. Next is a three ax combination to attack and destroy another Viking village. To refill your spins, you need to win three batteries. To raid and steal from another village, you should win the three pig combination. Lastly, three shields will protect your village from enemy attacks.

Finish Building Your Viking Village

Once you have mastered using the slot machine, you can build your village efficiently. There are items in your village that you need to complete using millions of coins. To avoid enemies from stealing your coins, make sure to use it right away once you have enough. Shields will keep enemies from destroying what you have built.

Don’t forget that collecting cards will give you more spins and coins. Once you complete a set of cards, the game will reward you with these prizes. You will find the cards when you open the treasure chest once a day. Now, make sure to keep an eye on these treasure chests.

Start here 

‘Coin Master’ software test design 

Features to test

  • Download ‘Coin Master’ application
  • Lunch game from smart phone
  • Please confirm to play ‘Coin Master’ page
  • Choose platform to play on:
    • Choose facebook 
    • Choose to sign in with apple
    • Choose to connect as a guest
      • Are you sure pop-up message 
        • f.connect
        • Play as guest
  • Loading game page 
  • Start to play ‘Coin Master’ 
    • Connect with facebook banner 
    • Start of the tutorial 
  • Allow push notification 
  • Build button (hummer) 
  • Build your first object (tutorial) 
  • First star ⭐️ achievement 
  • Naming your avatar 
  • Out of coins (tutorial)
  • Slot machine 🎰 (tutorial)
  • SPIN button (tutorial)
    • First spin win 
    • 3 bags 💼 of gold big win
    • 3 coins of gold medium win 
    • 3 hummers attack win 
      • Attack an opponent 
      • Attack the coin master
      • Pick a target to attack 
      • Win an attack 
    • 5,000 coins spin win 
    • 3 shields 🛡 1 protection win 
    • 3 capsules win 10 spins 
    • 3 hummers attack win 
      • Pick a target to attack 
      • Attack was blocked by opposition
  • 3 bandit pigs 🐷 win Raid 
    • Raid an opponent 
  • introduction who is the ‘Coin Master’ 

Software futures test scenarios 

Feature: download ‘Coin Master’ game from the app store (iOS)

Scenario: a new Player using an iPhone 📱 11, is installing the ‘Coin Master’ game from the apple 🍏  app store, in order to enjoy the wonder, quality time, of the ‘Coin Master’ game. 

Given a gamer had heard of the wonderful game called ‘Coin Master’ 

And the gamer would like to download it from the AppStore 

When the gamer search the AppStore for ‘Coin Master’ 

And the gamer enter in to the Coin Master app that was found

And the gamer click on the GET button in order to download the game

Then the ‘Coin Master’ game will be download to the gamer device

And after completing the download the gamer could launch the game

Feature: launch 🚀 the ‘Coin Master’ game for the first time (iOS) 

Scenario: a gamer had download the ‘Coin Master’ game and is launching the game for the first time 

Given a gamer is ready to play the ‘Coin Master’ for the first time 

And the ‘Coin Master’ game is already on the gamer device

When the gamer click on the ‘Coin Master’ game icon (bandit pig 🐷)

Then the ‘Coin Master’ game will launch 

And the first paint will be the ‘MOONACTIVE’ logo

And second paint will be the ‘Coin Master’ game page logo (Viking + bandit pig 🐷 on top of a gold pile)

And launch will end when the gamer need to choose a platform to play on

Feature: confirmation on legal binding 

Scenario: in order for the gamer to play the game they need to confirm a legal binding when the game is launch for the first time. By clicking on the ‘CONFIRM’ button the user can carry on with the process of playing the game.

Given the game is launching for the first time on the device

When the gamer click on the ‘CONFIRM’ button 

Then the gamer approve that they are over 18 years old

And approve the ‘Moon Active’ privacy policy 

And approve that they have read and agree to the Terms and conditions 

Feature: choose a platform to play the ‘Coin Master’ game 

Scenario: after confirming the ‘Coin Master’ legal binding, the gamer need to pick which platform to play the game. The gamer will be given an opportunity to choose on how to play the ‘Coin Master’ game, viable on Facebook account , apple account or as a guest account.

Given the ‘Coin Master’ game was launched 

And the gamer confirm all the game conditions 

And the gamer has an option to click on the ‘Guest’ button

When the gamer click on the ‘Guest’ button 

Then a pop up message asks the gamer ‘Are you sure?’ 

And the gamer can pick the facebook account connection 

Or the gamer can pick ‘Play as guest’ account connection 

Feature: ‘Are you sure?’ Pop up message 

Scenario: a gamer is given an opportunity to choose again, if they would like to play on the Facebook account with friends or to carry on as a ‘Guest’ Player

Given the gamer is on the ‘Are you sure?’ Pop up message 

And the gamer does not want to play with friends on facebook

When the gamer click on the green, ‘Play as Guest’, button 

Then the ‘Coin Master’ game will start 

And the account will be logged as a ‘Guest’ account

Feature: loading game page 

Scenario: if the connection is weak there will be a loading page with a loading bar in order to indicate when the game is up and running

Given the gamer logged as a ‘Guest’ 

When the loading page is up 

And the connection is weak 

Then loading page will be shown until the loading bar is full

And the game will start when the loading bar is done 

Feature: Connect with facebook banner

Scenario: after loading the game as a ‘Guest’, the game is running, and the first image the gamer see is a ‘Connect to facebook’ banner, this is to encourage the gamer to log with a facebook account. How the gamer carry on as a ‘Guest’

Given the gamer see the ‘Connect with facebook’ banner 

When the gamer close the banner only by clicking on the close banner button

Then the ‘Coin Master’ game will start the tutorial 

And the ‘Allow push notifications’ message will pop up 

Feature: ‘Allow push notifications’ pop up message 

Scenario: ‘Coin Master’ would like to inform the gamers about updates, bonuses and new features, by allowing push notifications. What will happen if the gamer declines ‘push notification’ 

Given the ‘Allow push notifications’ message is up

When the gamer click on the ‘Don’t allow’ button 

Then the gamer will not get push notifications to his device 


Scenario: after declining the push notification the gamer officially start the tutorial, and the welcome page will be apparent with instructions. 

Hey 👋 folks, that’s all, try completing the rest of the test cases by yourself, add more features and elements.

Hope it has been satisfying doing this assignment 🌝