QA Engineer Home Assignment

The home assignment is divided into 5 missions in the game casino 🎰 world slot machines

Please review the game on PC and your personal mobile device and follow the instructions.

Game Link: 🎰 casino world

First mission: Writing test cases in STD format PC and mobile 

The test cases can be split for example 3 cases for mobile and 2 cases for PC. 

A. Write 5 functionality tests for the game. 

B. Write 5 integration tests for the game. 

C. Write 5 server-side test for the game – I know you do not know how our server behave, you can fabricate the cases 

D. Write 5 error handling tests for the game. 

Second mission: Bugs report and bugs fixes verification process 

A. In this mission I want you to write 3 bugs report (priority, version etc.) if you do not find one you can write imaginary bugs. 

B. In this section you will need to explain how you approach to the fix version that the developer release , which tests you going to do and why ,explain every step from the moment you get the new version. 

Third mission: Unique issues scenarios 

In this part I’m going to ask you 2 questions about different scenarios that can happen , I want you to explain how (in details) you going to investigate and which department/s you going to involve for a solution.

  1. There are 3 games that are running in special worldwide promotion from Monday to Friday , in the first two days the promotion worked well .In the third day only two of them worked with the promotion.in the fourth day none of them worked under the promotion. 

What would you do to find the issue? 

what are the steps that you would do? 

2. When testing the “slot machine” game on dev-environment the feature “Free Spin” was triggered by 3 symbols that landed on reels 1,3 and 5.

But when we uploaded the game to staging- environment the “Free Spin” feature triggered only by 2 symbols anywhere on the reels 

What would you do to find the issue? 

what are the steps that you would do? 

Fourth mission: Feature description 

Play from the feature box the ticket called: “Bonus” , please write down in details from the beginning of the feature (what is the trigger to win this feature) until the end .There is a possibility that during this feature there will integration with another feature in the game . 

In this mission please review the feature only on mobile devices. 

Fifth mission: Personal recommendation 

Write down at least 5 recommendations or things you would have changed/improved in the game, and why would you do those changes.