Jelly Button Games

QA Engineer Home Assignment

Part 1:

Presented before you is a mobile app that enables a user to send text messages to anyone that enters within a range of X meters. 

In the application, you enter the content text, range, sending option (send via sms, whatsapp, etc…) and click the send button to broadcast the message to anyone who enters within that range.

  1. Please create a short test Plan (STP) of 5 tests for this app.
  1. Create 5 test cases (in STD format) of the most important tests you would execute on this app.
  1. Bug: You enter a text message into the text field, set the range to 50 meters, Set the sending option to “whatsapp” and hit the Send button. All users within the range receive the text message as an sms message. 
  • Please state what can be the cause of this bug and how you would test it?

Part 2:


For this part, please use the Pirate Kings app for reference. 

  1. Before you is a “Promotional Pop up” in the game (Not necessarily available at the moment on the actual game). The pop up appears first thing when starting the game.

The pop up consists of the following elements:

  • Background image
  • X (close) button
  • Action button (Leads to a physical location in the game or triggers an action).  i.e. transition to the island screen


You stumble across a bug where you open the game, see the promotional pop up, click the action button and the game crashes constantly.


  1. Please state what actions you would take in order to test this issue?
  2. Please create a bug for this issue. 
  • Add all information required as if you were opening an actual bug. 

Part 3:


  • Please play Pirate Kings for at least 10-20 minutes. 


You have 1,000 coins in your balance. You spin the wheel, receive a cash result of 500 coins.

Instead of your balance updating to 1,500, the balance updates to 1,200.


  1. What could have caused this issue?
  2. Is this a Client or Server issue? Please draw (or state) the full flow from the second the player clicks the spin button until the bug occurs (what’s happening behind the scenes). Why did you decide that this bug is client or server.

* Note: The numbers given above are made up and not taken from the game.