The Gaming Industry Ecosystems

Testing phases within the Gaming Software Development Lifecycle Test types during the gaming quality assurance phase Compliance testing is a very involved process. There are lengthy submission forms to be filled and ITL compliance fees are often much higher than gaming quality assurance testing fees. Therefore, prior to submitting a product to an ITL, a […]

Introduction to the Gaming Industry

Objectives and Overview Understand the objective of the gaming tester Being a gaming industry tester means that you must understand both testing in general, and the unique set of skills for the gaming industry ecosystem. This ecosystem is filled with proprietary, complex, multifaceted gaming software, hardware, platforms, firmware and operating systems. The objective of this […]

Acceptance Testing Introduction and Basics

Fundamental Relationships While it is certainly true that the roles and responsibilities of the tester and the business analyst are different, it is also true that their activities are complementary; work done by one group may greatly affect, either positively or negatively, that of the other. This is especially true in acceptance testing which is […]

Agile Testing Methods, Techniques, and Tools

Agile Testing Methods There are certain testing practices that can be followed in every development project (agile or not) to produce quality products. These include writing tests in advance to express proper behaviour, focusing on early defect prevention, detection, and removal, and ensuring that the right test types are run at the right time and […]